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November 1, 2022

Wakanda Forever: The History of the Black Panther!
The Black Panther, of Marvel comic book, graphic novel, and movie fame, first appeared in July 1966, in the pages of issue #52 of Marvel's flagship title, The Fantastic Four. Whether you first met this iconic hero back then, or via the blockbuster movie of 2018, or at any point in between, join us at the CBCI meeting on 11/1, where we will trace the history of the ruler of Wakanda and his family, and of the many other wondrous characters in this mythic realm!

November 15, 2022

The Sub-Mariner: Then and Now!
The Sub-Mariner, of Marvel comic book, animation, and now, movie fame, first appeared 'way back in the late 1930s, in Marvel Comics #1! He soon started appearing in his own title; has had several other eponymous series; and has been a member of several teams, including The Avengers. Perhaps the most complicated of all the Marvel Universe heroes, he has been allies with - and has had memorable dust-ups with - Captain America, the Human Torch and the Incredible Hulk, among others. Learn more about Marvel's ruler of the seas (including what the Hulk thinks of royal protocol).

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